Attention new in 2023:

Unfortunately, the Happy Horses will no longer be with us in the camp in the 2023 season. However in our area there are various nearby riding stables where we are happy to arrange riding lessons or horseback riding excursions for our guests.

We ourselves have planned to set up a small farm with small animals such as sheep, goats and chickens on our premises. One or two ponys are also planned for this.

Just 2 km from the beautiful white beaches of Areia Branca, our little horses and ponies herd lives attached to the long-established Da Silva Surfcamp. We are offering you exciting horse-related activities for children, young people, and adults. In addition to pony rides and guided rides, we also offer various interactions that enable you and your children to get to know and understand the lovable creature horse.

It is particularly important to us that humans and horses enjoy working together and have fun working together. We firmly believe that horses and ponies produce happy people. That is why it is important for us to be friendly with our horses, which are kept in an open stable in a manner appropriate to their species and are continuously trained and further educated to maintain their health. The horses and ponies also want to develop, want to learn, and like and be praised. Come visit us and have fun on horseback or from the ground. You can ride on our riding arena in the Da Silva Surfcamp or enjoy rides in the surrounding nature or to the beaches and lakes or lagoons. Talk to us. We are also happy to plan with you individually so that you can enjoy your vacation and take full advantage of all the region's offers.

We, that's me, Christiane, who as a little girl had already lost her heart to horses and has dreamed of having her own horse ever since. After an artistic career that ended as a production designer for a film, I noticed that something essential had fallen by the wayside because of all the work, and I brought the horses back into my life. Since then I have known what has always been missing.

My love for horses has already paved its way in childhood. For as long as I can remember I have run towards every horse or pony and, if I was allowed to, I preferred to jump on it. I was very lucky to be able to live out this love in my childhood and youth as a riding student and horse care girl in a riding stable near Bonn. I remember all too well how happy it made me clean, maintain, and look after my foxtrot. And of course to ride too. I didn't know fear. And that even though I fell down a lot, I was kicked or bitten.

Somehow I always knew that horses are fundamentally very nice animals, and no matter they do, they don't do it to hurt us. It is more of a miracle and a gift from nature that these large animals willingly join us and are happy to be with us if we treat them kindly and well. This way of handling and a fine and horse-friendly riding style is what I want to convey to children, young people, and adults with my ponies and horses today. And of course, fun and a good mood shouldn't be neglected.

Jesuli, my Lusitano gelding, 6 years young and a very fine guy who wants to know exactly who he's dealing with. He looked straight into my heart.

Timól, a 9 year old Shetty Mix who came to me from a very good training with a young Portuguese. He is the absolute treasure with children and besides riding it is also great fun to work with him from the ground, to play or to go for a walk.

Eliott, 10 years old black and brown Shetty Pony, is everybody's darling with his cute nose and his friendly character.

Andresch, my friend, who has preferred to ride waves up to now, but who has grown very fond of horses and who is now looking for happiness on horseback (but only when the waves are bad).