Frequently Asked Question

Should I rather take the beginners or the advanced class?

Beginner and advanced students are in the same class. We experienced that it works out very fine like that. Our surf instructors give individual feedback to every student, so everyone will be served at his needs. At a certain point a surf instructor guides you to be in the right position. Then it is mostly: practice, practice, practice…

What is the average age at the camp?

The average age is about 20 – 25 years, but there are also younger or sometimes even much older students, who want to learn surfing. Sometimes complete families will be in the same class, so parents can learn together with their kids.

Where is the closest airport? How do I arrive at the surf camp?

The closest airport is located in Lisbon in a distance of approx. 70 km to our camp. There is an „aeroshuttle“ to the bus station for 3.50 EUR per person. The fee with the express bus from Lisbon to Praia da Areia Branca is 8 EUR per person. You can also take a taxi to the bus station. In addition we offer an airport transfer to you (fee for one person 70 EUR, any additional person + 10 EUR).

What about the catering?

At Da Silva Surfcamp a delicious breakfast buffet is offered every morning and two times a week there will be a joint dinner (barbecue). In all other evenings you can prepare the dinner by yourself in our kitchen of the surf house. Most times the students living in the camp cook together and share the cost. Or they take turns. Many reasonably priced restaurants are located in Praia da Areia Branca so that you need not cook every night in the surf house.

On what day do the surf classes start?

The surf classes always start on Monday. If the wave- and weather conditions are optimal, the classes will take place every day so that the course will finish on Friday. But unless the conditions are acceptable, some classes may have to be cancelled and held during the weekend. This will be arranged very flexibly by the surf instructors on site.

In which language will the classes take place?

Our surf instructors speak Portuguese and English. This won’t, however, be a problem at all as there are mainly practical classes. Most things will be demonstrated and explained accordingly through gestures. We have never faced communication problems between instructors and students.